Located at:
11021 Old Snohomish-Monroe Rd
2-1/2 miles south of Snohomish, WA. 98290
Program your GPS to:
11890 Old Snohomish-
Monroe Road,
Snohomish, WA. 98290

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[Update 8/30/14]
I have had a few conversations with the Snohomish County Fire Marshall's Office. This is the area of the county that we are working with to have our Special Event Permit for the weekend of October 3, 4 and 5th. We are in the books for our application and are supplying the requested information to help process the application. So far, we have not run into any big road blocks. We have been informaed that we do not need any additional insurance for our event! Yea! After the Labor Day holiday I'll have some more information.
On the Special Use Permit with the Snohomish County Zoning Office, as far as I know (based on discussions with county officials) no date has been set to review of our application and the application has yet to be submitted! I was told by our legal council that we were in the queue of 100's of applications and this process takes time. We are in the process of getting this difference in stories resolved. We are either in the queue or not... If we are not in the queue - we need to be. If we are in the queue, we should have a meeting date set with the county to review the application. Kind of frustrating! More info next week.

[Info as of 8/22/14]
Hi fellow flyers and friends.
First, some good news. Our website name has been reserved for the next two years. Yes, we plan to keep the club going and that's good news.
Even better news, Mark Hanson and I just returned from a visit to the Snohomish County offices. We began a submission process for a Special Event, a Fun Fly weekend. We are proposing to have the event at our club field October 3. 4 and 5th. You can read more of the details in this email that was sent out.
Even more current news --> we might not even need the permit for this special event. I'll find out more on Monday 8/25.
[Info from 8/20/14]
I did send out an email (8-20-14) documenting the status of our flying field special use permit. You can view the PDF here.
Also, just for documentation purposes, the pre-application info produced by our legal representative is here
You are more than welcome to contact Reid Shockey Click here to Email
2716 Colby Ave, Everett, WA 9820
Shockey Planning Group Website
Phone: (425) 258-9308
I have been contacted by AMA Tony Stillman (Flying Site Assistance Coordinator) You are welcome to contact him. Click here to email Tony Stillman Phone (800) 435-9262 ext. 230
[Original bad news...}
As of Friday, July 18th, the field was CLOSED to flying activities by the Snohomish county zoning commission.
The flying activities are still not allowed at this time.
I am hoping to have a club meeting at our club field at 4:30 PM on Saturday, September 13th. With any luck, Camie Anderson or one of the Shockey Planning Group folks will be available to answer your questions directly!
I'm ready to get back to the flying activities again, but the prognosis I have been receiving involves a long undocumented process involving a delay of several months.
Feel free to contact me anytime - best way is via my work phone (425) 788-6045, but I will make an effort to be better at responding to the many, many emails I receive daily!
> Ron Swift (ECRC VP)
Last Updated: August 20, 2014



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